Hi there everyone! My name is Tim and I love video games. I started out like most gamers my generation with the staple Mario games, got into competitive gaming with Super Smash Bros. Melee, and now have decided to focus all of my gaming energies on Starcraft II. Although I’m very competitive, I’m not very good, being a high Platinum, sometimes low Diamond Protoss player. With this blog, I am going to write about my adventures going up (or down) the leagues, some build orders that I’ve come across (my opinions on them), and basically anything dealing with Starcraft. By writing all about it, I’m hoping it could make me a better player.

And for some added flavor, my friend Jeremy (Mag) will also be writing on this blog. He is currently a masters Protoss player whose Terran and Zerg I would rate at high diamond.  Show us some love as we give you insights on Protoss play coming from players in different leagues =)


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