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EmpireWelmu vs FXOLucky

Posted in Uncategorized on February 27, 2012 by Jerlbev

EmpireWelmu vs FXOLucky

While the people who are fortunate and are able to afford the MLG Arena’s PPV cost are enjoying those matches, the people who are unable to drop those 20 dollars for the stream are still treated with a tournament of the same calibre, in terms of prize pool and lineup. The Republic of Gamer’s Winter Assembly 2012 is terrific tournament held in Finland, and this past one did not disappoint. With players like Taeja, Polt, Hero, Moon, Stephano, Jinro, TLO, White-Ra, Bling, and Lucky: these are just a handful of the stacked field of international competitors there.

One of the greatest moments of the tournament was one of the tried and true matchups of the Foreigner vs Korean hype machine. In the Ro16, the stage right after pool play, Empire’s lone Protoss Welmu, who  surprised many people by just making it out of his group (He barely squeeked out a tiebreaker for 2nd with Kas and Titan) was paired to play the ultra-aggressive style of Lucky, who is a GSL mainstay but I say he is more known for beating Naniwa countless times and getting 2nd at IPL 3. Most gambling men would have bet their money on Lucky but Apollo said it the best, if you know anything about the Finnish Protoss player, his PvZ can pull out wins over superior players with his aggressive gateway style. Do not count Welmu out.

The 1st game was on GSL Daybreak, where both players opted for Standard openers, A Forge-Fast Expand for the Protoss and a quick 3rd for the Zerg player. Some excellent scouting from Lucky saw that Welmu was going for a Warp Prism harass with Sentries blocking drones at the mineral patches, so the Protoss player did no damage with this initial maneuver which was unfortunate. However his main plan was an interesting one. While getting +2 Attack, he was massing immortals and sentries. Welmu’s strategy was going for a powerful 2-base push with a sans-zealot army so he can abuse forcefields with his ranged units. With something like 10 sentries, 3 immortals, and the rest stalkers, he moved out to the Zerg’s 3rd. The best way to describe this Protoss Army, a Roach slaying deathsquad, and Lucky, like most zergs, relied on the Roach in the mid game to dictate the flow of action in ZvP.

Initially, it looked like Welmu would destroy the Korean Zerg in one fell swoop but Lucky, true to his style, did the correct maneuver and backstabbed Welmu’s natural expansion. The Finnish Protoss player did not anticipate this at all and had only one cannon and absolutely no sentries. The 1st thing the FXO player also did was snipe the cybernetics core, that was part of the front wall, so he could only warp in zealots to aid in the defense of his main base. So the scenario now was full on base trade.

The base trade however lasted longer than usual with more twists and turns than a Scooby-Doo episode. Down to the last moment, it was still intense, I won’t spoil who won but this picture of the British Casting Archon tells all of how the heart wrenching the final moments of the game was. A must watch match!



The Most Unintentional Funniest Commentary

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One thing about the North American Star League’s Caster/Commentator/Analyst Gretorp is that he is a polarizing figure, some people love his passionate technical style of casting while others bash his constant misusage of words and his sometime out of left-field analysis. For me though, I think Gretorp is hilarious, and his casts are pure unadulterated entertainment. One of my favorite moments though happened recently in the NASL team league, where the Western powerhouse Evil Geniuses is battling the pre-dominant Eastern European team of Empire. The game was a TvT on Antiga Shipyard, crosspawns, and the Serbian BeastyQt versus the Pride of England, DeMuslim.

While the game itself is nothing amazing or even remotely exciting, but the humor comes from Gretorp’s analysis, and how he is 100% wrong in calling the game. When someone is 100% wrong that means that they are saying the person who is losing badly is in the lead. What adds so much more comedy is his guest co-caster, Firezerg (obviously a Zerg player) is asking him questions as Gretorp is the Terran player and you can hear from the Ex-complexity member the feeling of “WTF Gretorp you talking about?” You just have to watch it to experience all that is great about Gretorp.

New Season, New Mindset

Posted in Uncategorized on February 17, 2012 by timfoxtrot

I know I started this blog back in December,  but after the initial post I didn’t even touch it. Ladder anxiety and other things got the best of me and school just started up again. However, with this semester being my penultimate one before graduation, I changed my mindset and set a ton of goals for myself (aside from graduating). One of them is to make to Masters by the end of this year, and I really think I can do it. With that, I’ll start focusing more on this blog as well, writing about some build orders that I’ve been playing around with, and hopefully entertaining the very few people that actually read this .

Watch out Jer! Soon we’ll be able to play a legit non 4gate pvp.