The Most Unintentional Funniest Commentary

One thing about the North American Star League’s Caster/Commentator/Analyst Gretorp is that he is a polarizing figure, some people love his passionate technical style of casting while others bash his constant misusage of words and his sometime out of left-field analysis. For me though, I think Gretorp is hilarious, and his casts are pure unadulterated entertainment. One of my favorite moments though happened recently in the NASL team league, where the Western powerhouse Evil Geniuses is battling the pre-dominant Eastern European team of Empire. The game was a TvT on Antiga Shipyard, crosspawns, and the Serbian BeastyQt versus the Pride of England, DeMuslim.

While the game itself is nothing amazing or even remotely exciting, but the humor comes from Gretorp’s analysis, and how he is 100% wrong in calling the game. When someone is 100% wrong that means that they are saying the person who is losing badly is in the lead. What adds so much more comedy is his guest co-caster, Firezerg (obviously a Zerg player) is asking him questions as Gretorp is the Terran player and you can hear from the Ex-complexity member the feeling of “WTF Gretorp you talking about?” You just have to watch it to experience all that is great about Gretorp.


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