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PvZ – Stalker Harass into Dark Templar!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 11, 2012 by timfoxtrot

Ahaha, so just 10 minutes after I post about being in a slump I win with a build that I said I’d post about if it won. So without further ado here is a pvz build that I pretty much have down to a science and occasionally get called a fag when I use it. Keep in mind that I only ever go for this build if the zerg goes hatch/pool first as the success of this build depends on the absence of zergling speed and how amazing your stalker micro is. In other words, the success rate goes down significantly if the zerg goes for the standard speedling expand.

  • Wall off at the ramp
  • 9 pylon
  • 12 Gateway
  • 14 assimilator
  • 15 pylon
  • 17 Cybercore
  • 2nd assimilator right after cyber
  • Get your first zealot right after the assimilator.
  • Chrono boost two stalkers
  • get twilight council and dark shrine as soon as you have gas for both.
  • drop two more gateways after the shrine.

Image Lings on the way. No detection yay.

You really have to be active with your stalkers during this time. Camp at the front of their natural and kite their zerglings to hell and back. The point is you gotta keep them distracted (making units instead of drones or detection) all the while your dark shrine warps in. You should also have a forward pylon somewhere. As soon as the shrine is finished youll have enough gas to warp in about 3 dark templar to wreak some havoc on their base. If youre lucky, the 3 dts should be enough to destroy a lair in progress.



If the dts dont outright win the game I would expand off of this and drop 3 more gates for a two base all in with 2 archons in the mix.

Remember, you -have- to do damage with the dts or else this is going to set you back economically and the zerg is just going to swarm you. Also, make sure you check the in game clock to see when speed should kick in. If I recall correctly, the fastest speed should come out is around 7:30 if they went hatch first. Once it gets close to that time, make sure you get the hell away as your stalkers will lose their speed advantage and get wrecked by lings.


Gee gee gee, baby baby



Posted in Uncategorized on March 11, 2012 by timfoxtrot

Rich pointed out that I never post here, so GUESS WHAT RICH RHODEN I AM GOING TO POST A BLOG.

The main reason I’ve yet to post any sort of analysis is because I haven’t been winning any good games lately. Every time I try to go for some cool build it ultimately fails because of my poor execution, or probably because my opponent just plays standard and totally owns my face because of it. At the end of the day I go for some super cheese build (4 gate lolol) just to make myself feel better. 

I have been working on this PvZ build though that usually wins. When it does..i’ll write about it 🙂